What people say about our work

“I feel a lot better having contacted you. It’s taken away a lot of stress from my life….” Islington resident

What people say about our work

Connect clients


"If I hadn't seen them, I'd still be depressed. My life's far from perfect but I really do feel a lot better now: more positive, more focused and looking forward to more changes."


"Sometimes you feel so overwhelmed by your problems and you might know services are out there but you can’t think straight and you don’t know how to make best use of them so by having Connect to offer a personal touch it’s really helpful. They’re just so human, you can tell they’re doing it because they want to help and they really care."
Good Neighbours Schemes service users


"I am more alert and I am 86 years old. It has given me more focus and made me more active. I get the feel good factor when I help others. The Good Neighbours Scheme has put back the faith that some persons are caring and helpful."


"I like the Fun Day it is really good for our estate. It is free and it is something for all the family and it helps us to feel less stressed."



"Volunteering has provided me with key skills, which will prepare me for employment in the future. As a Help on Your Doorstep volunteer, I am able to network, work with a variety of organisations and build good relationships with clients. The most rewarding element for me is seeing the transition of a vulnerable client into a more confident person who is able to manage their affairs."



"A lot of people get into debt because they’re trying to support their families, and they’re on very minimal income. They don’t know that there’s a whole range of services that can support them. If they are supported and understand that they’re not alone, and that there are services out there than can support them, then we will make a difference. It will give more hope to the future generations coming up."

(*Names have been changed.)

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