Research & consultation

We collect a lot of information which tells us how needs are changing, the challenges that Islington residents are facing and where there are gaps in provision.

Research & consultation

We use this knowledge to advocate for better policies and services when talking to representatives of the Local Authority, Councillors, health providers and local service organisations. We also use it to inform our own services.

Our local knowledge and connections mean that we are well placed to undertake research and consultation with residents, many of whom are seldom heard. We enable residents to have a voice and provide a means for policy makers and service providers to engage in meaningful consultation. We have recently carried out research for Islington Giving and the Islington Clinical Commissioning Group.

Our community grounding also means that we can help organisations get local people involved in their initiatives. We are able to link residents up to activities and opportunities that will benefit them. For example, we have been involved in helping people get involved in the Expert Patients Programme at Whittington Hospital.

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