Facts & figures

We work with over 1,500 Islington residents every year and (pre-Covid) knock on 20,000 Islington doors each year

Facts & figures

Connect service

Our Connect service works with 1,500 Islington residents every year.

In 2019 we knocked on more than 20,000 Islington doors.

Within three months of knocking on their door, 95% of clients say their issue has been resolved, improved or is receiving ongoing support.

Evaluation has shown that Connect is an effective model for reaching those often described as ‘hard to reach’, with 50% of our clients having not previously accessed local services.

Help on Your Doorstep’s three month follow up feedback suggests that 75% of clients report an improvement in their situation within that time frame. A further 20% report that they are in receipt of ongoing support within three months of our first knock on their door.

Good Neighbours Schemes

Our Good Neighbours Schemes over more than 30 different regular activities and events, many of which are weekly.

In the month of March 2018, 317 Islington residents attended one or more of our Good Neighbours Schemes events.

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