Help on Your Doorstep's services are unique and embedded in the communities that we work with. 

Our exceptional model is based on a combination of strengths

  • Intensive repeat door to door outreach for our Connect service, which enables solutions to be brought to the front door of those less likely to proactively seek support.
  • Where we get no reply we always leave a leaflet with information about our services. People often contact us at a later date as a result of reading these leaflets.
  • A wide range of service solutions, based on our network of 150 referral partners. Our referral network means that we are able to provide holistic solutions to complex problems.
  • A strong local focus, as we have six client-facing offices all situated at the heart of the communities that we serve. Our offices are predominantly staffed by local employees and volunteers and as a result, they are seen as welcoming and easily accessible.
  • Our emphasis is on community development and engagement. Our Good Neighbours Schemes are led by the communities that they work with.
  • Working to promote the health and wellbeing of everyone who engages with our services, through the 5 ways to wellbeing.
  • As an independent charity our local communities trust us and recognise that it is our priority to help them realise their priorities.
  • The quality and strength of our partnerships as we strive to collaborate with high quality partners and represent their offers accurately and appropriately.
  • Our commitment to supporting clients to gain confidence and knowledge to access and navigate future services themselves.

How can we help your organisation?

Our unique approach can

  • Enable you to get referrals from the most isolated and vulnerable Islington residents.
  • Raise awareness of your services across Islington.
  • Gain the trust of residents and communities across Islington.
  • Help you consult with Islington communities.
  • Help you engage with Islington residents.
  • Give you insight into the needs of Islington residents and communities.

"I have to say that your meetings are so informative in terms of learning what's out there in the borough [of Islington] for our residents. I work in 7 London boroughs and there isn't an example of this excellent outreach and support anywhere else." Keniston Housing Association

If you are interested in working with us, please get contact us.

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