With inflation rising significantly, we are seeing the cost of living become a real concern for many households in Islington. 

Many residents are having to make difficult decisions about their spending. For others, unmanageable debt is becoming more and more of a worry. Nobody should have to decide between paying for either heating or eating. We want to see an Islington where everyone can thrive and live happy, healthy lives. However, as prices continue o rise, this is becoming more and more challenging.

Our team recently participated in a team workshop  facilitated by our evaluating partner; Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR). The workshop brought staff together to discuss our organisational approach and how we can best support and empower clients as we face an increase in demand for our services as a result of the cost of living rises. 

Bringing staff together to map out our support to residents

At the workshop, staff discussed how residents in Islington are currently facing multiple crises which need different methods and approaches to support them. Although Help on Your Doorstep can’t change external factors such as rising energy bills, we can give people a choice. Speaking about how to support residents to cope with the cost of living rises, one of our advisors said;

‘It might be the first time they have seen the reality of what is happening and to have those different options laid out to them is key’.

- Help on Your Doorstep staff 

Another staff member added on;

‘Getting someone to understand the reality of their situation and their options can be overwhelming. The psychological aspect of hearing this is huge’

- Help on Your Doorstep staff 

The emotional support offered by Help on Your Doorstep and how we work with residents to agree next steps that are clear and easy to understand, can not be underestimated. During a time of so much uncertainty, providing one-to-one support where next steps are clearly explained and agreed is crucial to residents being empowered so they can gain control over their issues. 

Coordinating support for residents to cope with cost increases 

We want to ensure residents have access to all the support available to them during this time of worry. At Help on Your Doorstep, we are working hard to provide support to Islington residents so they have information, advice, and support to navigate the rises in the cost of living. Support and options are available and are listed in our self-help hub here.

Please support us to continue our work empowering residents during the cost of living crisis by donating on our website here.