Many residents are having to make adjustments to their budgets and have to make some difficult decisions about their spending as they navigate the rises in the cost of living. At Help on Your Doorstep, we are working hard to provide support to Islington residents so they have information, advice, and support to navigate this challenging time. 

Looking at our most recent data we can see that demand for our services have grown considerably. Cases are growing, not only in terms of numbers but also in their complexity. 

See the graphics below to get a glimpse at our figures.

Support and options are available. In addition to offer one to one advice and guidance we also have a large information hub where you can find out about support and opportunities in the borough to help better cope with the cost of living. 

If you are interested in supporting our work so we can advise more residents in Islington who are struggling as the cost of living climbs, you can donate to us here