In January, our Bemerton Good Neighbours Scheme launched a new community music project in partnership with London Symphony Orchestra (LSO). Together with LSO, we delivered a 6-week course from the Jean Stokes Community Centre to engage residents in making music together.

We had 20 residents join the programme who met every week to collaborate on developing musical pieces centred around whatever is important to them. Jack Miguel, a colleague from LSO came in to record the music being made in the group and to speak to some of our staff and the group participants about their experience taking part in the project. The interviews explored how music bonded the group and how the programme inspired some strong community connections. 

Find out more about the project and what residents said about their experience engaging in the project in an audio collage on soundcloud here. Our sincere thanks to all the LSO team for their support facilitating the workshops and to Jack Miguel for capturing the musical recording and resident reflections. 

We look forward to launching another course of community music workshops from the Jean Stokes Community Centre from April 27th. If you are interested in getting involved, as a participant or a volunteer, please contact Nicky, our Good Neighbours Scheme manager by emailing [email protected]

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