Help on Your Doorstep works in collaboration with local residents, communities, local organisations and GP practices.

Our Connect service has a network of 150 partner organisations who offer advice and support on a wide range of issues including, family, welfare benefits, debt, housing and health.

Benefits of partnership working 

The Help on Your Doorstep developed this Theory of Change in 2018/2019. The Partner Network is vital to: 

  • Building and sharing local, up to date intelligence for HOYD and partners on local services, support and opportunities   
  • Maximise what we can achieve together for residents.
  • Maximise what HOYD can do for partners.

"We couldn’t support the number of vulnerable clients that we find without our partnership network. The network is so important to the work that we do. Our partners support vulnerable people that we find in the community with specialist help and also link other vulnerable people into us for support from other specialist partners. A fantastic example of joined up working."  Said John, Team Leader at Help on Your Doorstep. 

Read more about our partner network here

Partner network survey 

At the end of August 2020 and start of September, we conducted a survey of members of our partner network. The network has 150 members. 91 members viewed the survey and we received 41 responses.

For more information about the results, click here

Partnership working in challenging times

Following the survey we have decided to change how we manage the partnership network.

In the short term we will:

  • Increase our meetings from quarterly to bi-monthly
  • Develop database training for referral partners
  • Have themed meetings, which focus on a particular issue that  Islington resident are facing.

We will continue to provide

  • Regular email updates
  • An opportunity for partners to communicate with other service providers
  • Information about local needs and priorities.

For more information about our partnership network please email [email protected]