We are working with iWork to provide a new and unique service to Islington residents

Have you hit a point in your life where you need direction and want to make changes? You may be struggling to make ends meet and find yourself in debt.  You may have become reliant on food banks to feed yourself and your family and feel nothing is going right. Perhaps you just need someone to talk to in order to move forward?

We are now offering an iWork service from our offices which can help you think about your future and plan your way out of debt, financial hardship and support you to navigate towards a brighter future. You can meet Barbara, the Outreach and Employment navigator who will help you explore your circumstances in an open, friendly and non-judgmental way. She will work with you to access support and services in the local area and help you make the most of any opportunities open to you. It could be the starting point in your life to move forward.

Barbara can meet you at one of Help on Your Doorstep’s offices and support you to explore the opportunities and options available to you.

“I listen to the problems people are facing and the barriers that are preventing them from making positive changes to their life.  We all need a space where we can explore the things that are holding us back with someone who will listen to us. I will help people to think through their options and support them in making their own choices on how to improve their lives.”

This service is aimed at Islington residents who are not working, or are working but on a very low income and struggling financially.

If you are interested in an one-to-one meeting with Barbara to think through the options and opportunities that may help you out of debt and financial hardship, please contact your local Connect office and they will arrange an appointment for you.

Published July 2019