16 August 2018

We are working with Whittington Health to raise awareness of the support available to people in Islington with diabetes and other long term health conditions.

Whittington Health offer two health self management courses. The Expert Patient Programme is for anyone with a long term health condition. The Diabetes Self Management Programme is for anyone with Type 2 diabetes. Carers of people with long term health conditions or diabetes are also welcome to attend.

Contact us to find out about courses starting in Islington in September and October. 

Not sure if you have a long term health condition? This information from the NHS may help.

Expert Patient Programme

A FREE 6-week course for people with long term health conditions (2.5 hours per week).

The programme will support you to develop your own personal toolkit of tips, tools and techniques that will help you manage a wide range of common symptoms including sleeplessness, pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, anxiety and low mood.

The course is run by two trained tutors who themselves live with long-term conditions. They can give practical advice based on their own life experiences.

How can the Expert Patient Programme help you?

The course will give you a better understanding of what you can do to improve your health, along with the skills and confidence to take positive action.

Topics covered include:
  • Dealing with symptoms like pain and tiredness
  • Coping with depression or feeling low
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Physical activity
  • Healthy eating
  • Communicating with family, friends and health professionals
  • Planning for the future
  • Setting goals and pacing yourself
  • Remaining active

The programme is also open to carers of people with long term health conditions and will help them develop techniques for improving the health and wellbeing of the person that they care for.

“It has helped me become more aware of my condition and how it affects me, and to feel that I can manage it to some extent through pacing, diet and relaxation techniques.”

There are Expert Patient Programmes starting in September at Brickworks (Crouch Hill, N4) and in October at The Peel Centre (near Exmouth Market, EC1).  Contact us for more information.

Diabetes Self-Management Programme

A FREE 7-week course for people who live with type 2 diabetes (3 hours per week).

The Diabetes Self-Management Programme is designed to help you better manage your diabetes and gain control of your health. The course covers information about living with type 2 diabetes (e.g. managing diet, exercise, medication) as well as skills and tools to help you learn to self-manage e.g. finding solutions to everyday problems when living with diabetes, relaxation techniques, communication with friends and family and other coping strategies.

The course is co-delivered by a lay tutor living with type 2 diabetes and a healthcare professional (e.g. a nurse).

How can the Diabetes Self Management Programme help you?

People who have come on the course tell us it has made a big difference to them, they feel more positive, able to manage their health and enjoy life again. Benefits include:

  • A ‘Tool kit’ of techniques that you can try out for yourself.
  • Different topics covered each week.
  • Times to share and discuss.
  • Building confidence that you can cope with your condition and work towards what’s important to you (your personal goals).
  • Being with others who know what it’s like and can share tips
  • Focusing on taking control of your condition rather than it controlling you
  • Taking small, gradual steps – pacing.
  • 12 months after attending the programme people’s HBa1C levels are reduced on average by 0.9%. 

“The DSMP gave me the tools to seek help and advice from my health carers and to find the solutions to the various problems. I now have improved health, take less medication and feel a lot better. The feeling that I was alone and did not have anyone who cared or listened to me has gone. I feel in control of my own health."

There are Diabetes Self-Management Programme starting September at The Peel Centre (near Exmouth Market, EC1) and in October at Jean Stokes Community Centre (N1). Contact us for more information.