Launching our new Assessment and Triage Procedure for our Connect Programme  

As of October 17 2022, Help on Your Doorstep is introducing a new Assessment and Triage Procedure for our Connect Advice programme. The procedure is underpinned by our values of empowering residents and ensuring our service is equally accessible for all, something that is crucial as households start to feel the impacts of the cost of living rising.  

About the Procedure 

This new procedure will see some changes to our long-standing advice work including; the introduction of a waitlist, adjusted response times, a more concerted effort to empower residents to take on more responsibility and a standardized questionnaire for all clients upon first contact.  

Should we need to allocate clients to a waitlist, clients can expect support within a two-week time-frame. Should the waitlist become full, we will ensure to signpost clients to other support and services in the borough.  

The new procedure works to our values of empowering residents, and so, for those coming to us who are sufficiently confident and in stable situations, we will focus on providing clients with the information, advice and guidance they need so they can do more for themselves and find a solution to their issue.   

Why change? 

The drastic rise in the cost of living has resulted in many households needing more support. We forecast greater demand for our services in the coming months but we want to ensure all cases are assessed systematically and that support is administered in a fair way. Our resourcing and staffing is limited, this new procedure will enable us to protect our staff well-being – something that is incredibly important to us.    

Contact us  

We are committed to continuing to support residents, especially those most marginalised so they can live well and thrive in Islington. Should you have any questions about the changes to our ways of working, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us. We will continue to provide regular updates about our service. Thank you for your patience and continued support.