Announcing the launch of the brand new e-book Human Learning Systems: Public Service for the Real World, a radical new way of doing public management.

Research has shown time and again that public services are not designed or managed for the real world or for real people. The Centre for Public Impact has shown that that public servants have to routinely bend the truth, in order to do their jobs, with more than 80% of research into target-based performance management finding evidence of “gaming”. Public management is broken. It is slow to learn, dehumanising, wasteful and fragmented.

The Centre for Public Impact in association with Dr Toby Lowe and the wider Human Learning Systems Collaborative, has written a new e-book. It is a resource and guide for organisations or teams working in public service who feel they want to change and find a new approach to the current way they’re working. Human Learning Systems offers an alternative approach to funding, leading and managing all forms of social intervention and public service and features nearly 50 case studies from across the world.

If you design, deliver or work with people and are dissatisfied with the current processes and ways of working, Human Learning Systems offers an alternative approach to public management based on being human, continuously learning and nurturing healthy systems.

Here at Help on Your Doorstep we are very proud that our case study has been included in the e-book. Our case study looks into:

  • Our Human Learning Systems approach relies on the strength of our community relationships and the scale, scope and nature of our partnership networks
  • Our engagement with communities is based on a wide-ranging, multidisciplinary service and conversations of a holistic nature
  • Our framework of engagement with people that goes beyond presenting an issue and allows them to build on personal strengths

You can find our full case study here or you can download Human Learning Systems: Public Service for the Real World e-book today -