Help on Your Doorstep celebrates the launch of a new project supported by Macmillan in January 2023

We are delighted to announce that we will be expanding our support and services to people affected by cancer in Islington. With support from Macmillan, we will be launching a 3-year project in January 2023 to continue our work to support individuals and households affected by cancer in Islington so they have the advice, guidance and referrals into local services they need to live well and to overcome the challenges they face on their cancer journey.

Supporting people affected by long-term health conditions including cancer has been important to Help on Your Doorstep since our inception. We realise the intersection between ill-health and inequality and so, we’re excited to expand our work supporting people affected by cancer in Islington.

The impacts of cancer are multi-faceted, people living with cancer often require specialised advice and support on mental health, employment rights, housing, childcare assistance, and welfare benefits. That’s where we come in. Our Connect Advice service can support people living with cancer in a holistic way and ensures they have the support they need not only to address the physiological impacts but also the wider impacts it has on one’s life. We will build upon our existing relationships with health providers and community networks to identify and support residents affected by cancer. 

We’re delighted to be working in collaboration with Macmillan, a leader in providing the best possible support for people living with cancer in the UK on this project. We sincerely thank Macmillan for its support for the project and we look forward to supporting more residents in Islington from 2023 onwards.