Our Connect teams work throughout Islington and can help you with many of the challenges and issues that you face. They can help you make the most of the opportunities that are open to you.

They offer an information and referral service, which means that they can provide initial information and support on a wide range of issues and refer you on to other local organisations for further advice and help.

"If I hadn't seen them, I'd still be depressed. My life's far from perfect but I really do feel a lot better now. More positive, more focused and looking forward to more changes." George

Our Connect teams can help with a wide range of issues

  • Children, young people and families including family support and youth or play activities
  • Domestic violence
  • Employment and learning including employment support, skills and qualifications and volunteering opportunities
  • Health and wellbeing including disability/ mobility support, drug or alcohol misuse, physical health, mental health and wellbeing
  • Housing including disrepair, risk of homelessness, home safety and fuel costs
  • Legal problems
  • Money including debt, welfare benefits and financial hardship.

Further information and self help links on all these issues can be found in self help information. But if you can't find the help you need then please contact your local Connect service.

Our Connect service can also help you create an action plan to enable you to achieve your goals and make the most of the opportunities open to you. If you are interested in creating your own action plan please contact your local Connect service.

We also are working in partnership with iWork to help people out of debt and financial hardship. Click here for more information about the iWork service we offer from our offices.

Getting in touch with your local Connect team

You can contact your local Connect team by phoning, emailing or calling into you local office. We have offices in the following areas of Islington.

  • Our Archway office is for the residents of Hillrise, Junction and St George's wards

  • Our Bemerton office is for the residents of Bemerton Estate, Delhi Outram, Naish Court/ Wellington Square, York Way Court, Tiber Gardens, Julius Nyerere Close, Cowdenbeath Path, Stanmore Street and Lion Court.

  • Our Caledonion office is for the residents of Barnsbury, Caledonian and Holloway wards.

  • Our Canonbury office is for the residents of Highbury East, Mildmay, Canonbury and St Mary's wards.

  • Our EC1 office is for the residents of St Peter's, Bunhill and Clerkenwell wards.

  • Our Finsbury Park office is for the residents of Tollington, Finsbury Park and Highbury West wards.  

If you are unsure of which team to contact please phone us 020 39316080 or email us at [email protected]

All of our Connect teams regularly go into their local communities and knock on doors to inform residents about our Connect service. If a resident tells them about an issue they would like support with, our advisers are able to make a referral to another local organisation from the doorstep. A referral is where we pass on your details to another organisation who can offer you advice and support.

We also leave information about our services at all the homes we have door knocked, so that people know about our service and can get in touch with us. Going out and knocking on doors helps us to ensure that even the most vulnerable residents are able to access our services. If you do see our Connect teams out and about please do say hello and feel free to ask them about anything you need help with!

How to get help for a friend, neighbour or relative

Outreach at GP surgeries

We also run regular Connect sessions at the following Islington Health Centres

  • Amwell Group Practice
  • Andover Medical Centre
  • Goodinge Health Centre
  • Hanley Primary Care Centre
  • Killick Street Health Centre
  • Northern Health Centre
  • River Place Health Centre

If you are a patient at any of these Health Centres and would like to talk to a Connect Adviser please talk to a receptionist at the Health Centre.

Referrals to our partner organisations

We have a referral network of around 150 organisations who offer advice and support on a wide range of issues, including family, welfare benefits and health. If we think that you would benefit from support from one of our referral partners we will explain this to you and ask your permission to send them your details, so that they can contact you.

After your details are sent to a referral organisation they should contact you within 3 weeks. One of our Connect advisers will contact you at this 3 week stage to check that you have heard from the referral organisation. If no contact has been made, our Connect adviser will contact the referral organisation to find out why and ask them to contact you as soon as possible. We will keep you informed of our progress. 

Once we know that you are in touch with the referral organisation we will contact you again to check on progress and see if you have any other needs that we can help with. This may involve helping you to think about next steps and referring you to other organisations for further help.

Check out our short film about Connect