Our Services

Help on Your Doorstep aims to make a real difference to health and wellbeing in our communities. Working alongside Islington residents we seek to find solutions to issues which make life difficult, strengthen communities to do more for themselves and enable people to improve life chances. By identifying residents who may be at risk, we provide early support to prevent the need for later crisis interventions.

We do this through our:

  • Connect Outreach: By knocking on doors we identify the most vulnerable residents and ensure they are linked to the local services and activities that they want.
  • Good Neighbours Schemes: Through our work in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Islington we know that residents are keen to do more for themselves and each other, but may need that little bit of help. We harness this enthusiasm. Our schemes have set up support groups, befriending, events and healthy activities, strengthening connections and building resilience.
  • Use of our data and information: We collect a lot of information which tells us how needs are changing and where there are gaps in provision. Our daily contact with residents gives us insight into the effects of policy and services changes. We use this intelligence to help inform decision making and service development and design. We are able to target information about services, including health prevention services, to those who most need them.
  • Community Research: Our local knowledge and connections means that we are well placed to undertake research and engagement with residents who are seldom heard, enabling them to have a voice in those areas which most affect them and giving valuable insight to service providers.
  • Service User Groups: Our service user groups ensure that we continue to focus on improving. The groups offer valuable learning for our partners and other agencies and provide a way for the voice of the service user to be heard more widely.
  • Our Partners: By engaging with an extensive range of partner service providers through our formal referral processes, we provide valuable connections, reduce duplication, enable access and hold to account contributing to efficiencies and service quality.

For more information contact Ken Kanu.